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    $900 28+mph Raldey Carbon All-Terrain Electric Board (vs Evolve Carbon GT)
    Raldey Carbon AT ➜ My Fav Insta360 Action Cam ➜ Ruroc Helmet ➜ This is the #Raldey Carbon all-terrain #electricboard skateboard/longboard, priced at $899. That's a drastic difference from the Evolve Carbon GT priced at $2,000! With crazy impressive speed and power, this e-board is a ton of fun to ride. Subscribe: Instagram ➜ ► Watch Next ► -Impossible 360 Camera Shots: -Insta360 vs GoPro: -Insta360 ONE X Tips & Tricks: ➠ My Camera Gear: ♫ Music: Thanks so much for watching - ring the bell so you don't miss my upcoming #authentech vids. Disclosure: some of the links I use are affiliate links, this means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.
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  • 10:38
    EVOLVE CARBON GT Alternative that's $900 Less - Raldey Carbon AT - FULL REVIEW
    Evolve Carbon GT alterative. The Raldey Carbon AT board is $900 less and has 3000W of belt drive power. Full review and testing. Buy a Raldey Carbon AT Board $899 or $999 Versions : Link here : Extra $110 worth of Gifts Included if purchased From my link. You get will receive… 2 pair extra belts. 2 ea. = 1 pair extra 195mm “No Pop” tires. Raldey Extra ESC/Controller : Raldey Carbon AT Battery Pack : Raldey Carbon AT Remote : Raldey Battery Charger : Raldey Replacement motor : Raldey Grip-Tape : Raldey Replacement Belts : Raldey Carbon Deck Only : Raldey Carbon Wheel : Raldey Rear Truck : Raldey Front Truck : ▼- BE MY FRIEND: Support me on Patreon GET Entered to WIN SWAG'FEST Giveaways! Link here : ▼- DRONE CAMPS CHANNEL MEMBERSHIPS - $4.99 a month BECOME A MEMBER - Access to LIVE Video Streams ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEMBERS ONLY - BEHIND THE SCENES ACCESS! LIVE STREAMS Include : --------------------------------------- - Build videos - Bench time - Tutorials - Fpv Road Trips - Member chat - Flying Sessions - Video Vault - Chat Badges - Drone Camps Chat Emojis It's like hanging out in realtime! Members are saying it is awesome to hang out and talk with Justin Davis in person. Members get automatic notifications for live streams. ▼ - JOIN and become a MEMBER HERE : ▼ - OFFICIAL Drone Camps Merch Store : T-Shirts, Long Sleeve, Zip Hoodies, and more Store here : ▼ - What I currently use : ------------------------------------------------------------------- Radio of choice : Frsky TARANIS X7 below. Black :
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  • 09:30
    Tani Evolve, czyli Raldey Carbon AT
    Deska terenowa z Chin, która ma ambicje konkurować z Evolvem. Link do strony producenta:
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  • 12:25
    Обалденная внедорожная электро доска Raldey!
    Продается электроборд здесь: Только при покупке по ссылке в подарок вы получите две пары запасных ремней и пару запасных колес! Спасибо магазину электротехники Electrostreet за предоставленный комплект защиты! Обзор и испытания новейшей внедорожной электро доски Raldey! Музыка: Approaching Nirvana & Alex Holmes - Darkness Comes [NCS Release] Chuki Beats - THC 'SOAR' ¦ Chuki Beats 'Future' ¦ Retnik & Chuki Beats #электроборд #электродоска #электроскейт
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  • 09:15
    Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard 2019? - Raldey Carbon AT
    Is the Raldey Carbon AT the BEST All Terrain Electric SKATEBOARD 2019?
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  • 00:33
    remote update of the first remote change
    this video is for the remote which can change MPH or KPH. But not all remote can change this.
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  • 02:12
    T factory of Raldey Board
    welcome to our factory and you can know which meachine we use to product this beautiful board.
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  • 03:13
    Change the battery of Raldey Board
    Changing the 7 ah battery to 14ah battery of Raldey Board
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