Please make sure you wear the protective gear before riding.


Raldey Carbon AT Board griptape
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Raldey Carbon AT Board motor
The most advantage of Raldey board motor is that it's designed according to the necessary parameters of the controller and battery, mainly to improve the efficiency of the motor. Meanwhile, our motor's internal structure is waterproof and fan cooled. The highest grade of material has been selected for the raw materials. So that the motor can release the maximum torque, which is not available on the market so far.
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Raldey Carbon AT Board Battery Pack
Raldey Carbon AT Board are using polymer battery core,with 10C~20C discharge rate,when we mention 10C~20C we mean Continuous high discharge 10C from start to end, (real 10C, not like other brand mark Samsung 20R 10C discharge, actually 5C and only last 40s)
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Raldey Boards Affiliate & Reward program
Register Raldey Boards Affiliate on the link below :, You will get a unique link under the program which works for our website: and you will get 6% reward/commission for every order
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